Friday, May 21, 2010


Wednesday was a fabulous day!! I felt better that day than I have felt in weeks, months even. I don't know what the reason was, perhaps the beautiful 75 degrees and sunny day helped, after all my family refers to me as Susan "Weather is my Life' Fox. Whatever the reason it was an amazing gift and I'm still on that high.

When I have a good day, which usually involves relatively high energy, minimal shaking and a steady stomach, I try and accomplish as much in that day as I can. There is of course a part of me that worries I'll overdo it and pay a bit the next day but the next day is not guaranteed to be a good one so I push myself. I'm so glad in this case I did because I accomplished a lot and haven't had that feeling of satisfaction in a long time. I also felt way less guilty when I slept in this morning (Fox had a day off and slept in too and Matt got the other two to their trains).

It's pouring rain now but the weather people are promising a nice weekend and a sunny and hot next week as well. So if the weather had anything to do with my fabulous Wednesday I should be in great shape next week!


  1. Hope you enjoyed a ride in that great little convertible of yours. I've been trying to send as many sunny days as I can from here...we actually had 3 solid days of rain last week so maybe it worked!

  2. I am a creature of the sun, too. I don't even care if the temperatures are sub-zero, if the sun is out, I am a happy girl. Here's to a summer of sunny days!