Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Okay at 52 years old you would think I would know by now that working out does not put me in a better mood. You know those people who just love to workout, get an endorphin high from running? Yep, not me. I see people running and I feel pain. I think that's why I liked tennis. I could work up a sweat but I was playing a game so it didn't feel like work. My therapist thought some exercise might make me feel better. Not so much. On the up side however it didn't make me feel worse and I do enjoy Lewis. It's therapy with movement.

Today was chemo day and my creatinine is at 3.2. This is great news and I hope it continues to move in that direction. Dr. Gregory is afraid my achiness is a velcade side effect and we're going to watch it.

Susan forgot her mother was flying in today for George's graduation next week and both Ben and George have concerts. Thankfully she remembered in time to drop me at Rush, run to Midway to get her mom and then make it back to Rush. Susan's mom is great company and I bought us all lunch on the way home at the Grapevine in LaGrange (the least I could do since she sat through my chemo). If you haven't been there you must give it a try. I haven't found one thing on the menu I don't like. That's saying a lot because my appetite isn't always great and frequently I think I'm going to like something and then see it and don't.

Took Matt in to see the therapist with me today. I feel like we need to communicate better regarding this illness and our expectations. I could tell this is is not his comfort zone (is it in any mans) but he was a great sport and at least I came away feeling like it did some good and as DTS (Desiree Tucker-Sorini) would say, It's all about me!" I only hope I haven't scared him for life and then he'll need therapy for post traumatic stress disorder.

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  1. The therapist was interesting. She just kept asking questions. She told me that if I wanted answers I would have to show up (pay for) another session. Then asked how I felt about that. Susan seemed to enjoy it though so it was worth it.