Monday, May 17, 2010


Got to be honest, not feeling that great these last few days. Chemo tomorrow and I'll ask the nurse about some of my symptoms. I seem to be constantly battling a headache and my neck is always stiff and sore (yes Susan I can touch my chin to my chest). I'm very achy in general and it's not muscle related. It feels more like its in my bones. My right shoulder is still a problem from when I had the BMT and now my hips and legs are stiff and ache. I mentioned to Dr. Gregory that I had developed restless leg syndrome and she said she was hearing more and more of this. Now it seems to have developed into more of a constant ache in my femur, primarily my left leg. I wonder if this is a strange manifestation of the neuropathy. I think I'll ask on the Amy website. I'm sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.

Then again maybe its the weather. I'm sick of spring. Its just a big tease and I want Summer now!

Good lord I'm crabby today. I'm going to go work out with Lewis and see if that improves my mood.:-)

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