Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Had my second week of Velcade in my second session. It was uneventful and my creatinine was down to 3.5 from the high of 3.8 of last week. I would love to see it in the low 3's or high 2's but at least it didn't go up. I left a message with Dr. Whittier (my nephrologist (kidney doc)) as he was out of the office.

I didn't feel great last week and sort of assumed this was just my body readjusting to the Velcade and IVIG after my week off. Now with the creatinine being lower I wonder if it was my body fighting a virus or infection. I think I probably was a little more stressed out than I realized by the whole dialysis discussion. That also probably effected the way I was feeling. I'm feeling like I have a little more breathing room now that the creatinine number is lower.

Feeling good today. Wishing the same for everyone else


  1. So relieved to see that number coming down and fingers crossed for the same direction in the coming weeks. XO

  2. How about a beverage after I get home from work before I have to drive Declan to Naperville?