Tuesday, April 27, 2010


When I think of the Amyloid proteins attacking my organs I visualize Pacman gnawing away at my kidneys. As nice as it is having a week off from chemo I wonder are those little Pacmen thinking they're on a holiday from Velcade and nibbling away? I know I'm insane, right? But the mind goes where it wants. That said I met with Dr. Gregory at Rush today and she feels the treatment is going well so far. All my blood counts are good and my creatinine is at 3.2. I'd love for that number to be lower but at least it's not getting worse so that's good news for the kidneys. I start my second round next Tuesday May 4th when I will also have the IVIG.


  1. Susan
    You have a fertile imagination!!! I am arriving on Wed. the 5th. When are you back from your treatments? I will call on Thurs. to see how you are and when/if I can come over for a visit. Hope it will work out.
    Hang in there

  2. Let's starve those little Pacmen! What's the IVIG?