Wednesday, April 21, 2010


While it is not my intention to post everyday I thought I might share a little incident my husband likes to refer to as my Roid Rage. Last night when I went to use the downstairs powder room (which is also the guest powder room) I almost fell into the toilet because the seat was left up. I called all the boys together to make it perfectly clear that was unacceptable behavior to which my husband replied that there are more of them than me and it just makes sense to leave it up. After I turned bright red reminded them I'm not the only woman who uses that facility and screamed "but it's rude!" I think I got my point across. Matt said they were actually doing me a favor because that way they don't pee on the seat so I suggested that they continue the favor by putting the seat back down. Really ... if it's that hard to aim than sit! The "discussion ended with me bellowing that there was no negotiating on this to which Matt left for the calm of the Jewel where he just happened to run into a male friend who was surprised it has taken Matt this long to figure that rule out. I can't remember who you are friend but I love you and thanks.


  1. I don't think that is "roid rage" - it happens weekly in my house full of boys, and I believe it is a perfectly rational response to that particular behavior! Keep fighting the good fight, Susan!

  2. I'm with Rebecca...there's just no room for debate on this one! If anyone can stand her ground, it's you. Think you need to invite all your female friends over to drive the point home.

  3. Susan, Chris here. I have always been lucky as
    Bob always taught the boys to sit down. Never have "fallen in".Tell them if they are afraid of pee on the seat you will provide them with clorex wipes in which they can clean up after themselves!

  4. Susan, Our house is just the opposite of yours! With three teen aged boys (men) they do not put the seat up in their bathroom. It is disgusting and I feel for any female other than me, who might venture in there. Much less, I can't imagine them "taking a sit" in there! Keep up the fight! Suzanne Miller

  5. Susan -
    I am posted as mawc7 and the creberfamily... not sure how to change the creberfamily, which was from a blog the kids created when we went to tanzania last year... if you are bored you can check it out for a good laugh... Thatcher, was our main photographer!!!!

    I just went on your blog and have to let you know that our boys go to the bathroom in our powder room, just off our family room, and actually try to watch a hockey game (which is not visible because the powder room is off the hallway... but they still try) or listen to the hockey game while going to the bathroom.... needless to say they are not good multi- taskers... chloe really let's them have it!!!!!!

    take care.... and good luck with "their training".... Michaela Creber

  6. I totally empathize. We have a 4:1 ratio - male to female. My biggest tantrums have always been in the smallest room of the house. Not flippin' funny! However, God does grant revenge from time to time, me thinks. Or maybe it is justice. When I had the opportunity to design a new home, I put in two powder rooms on the main floor. One that is beautiful - for girls (and my more responsible husband) and one that is ordinary - for the boys. Remember the Queen or Servant advice, Susan? love T