Tuesday, April 20, 2010


So today was week 4 of the first session of Velcade. I gave Susan Kahan the day off and my Mom drove in with me. She insisted we take the Stevenson ... need I say more, oh yes, Ogden Avenue. We had a lovely lunch at the Grapevine on the way home. Feeling fine so far just tired. I don't know why I find sitting in a chair for an hour being pumped full of poison and popping steroids so exhausting!


  1. Half way through! Hope to see you at book club! xoxo Lisa

  2. Hi Susan -
    I am a friend of your cousin Karl Zimmer. I live in the same town as you and I too, am challenged with cancer. Mine is breast cancer and while I don't know much about your disease, I do know all about chemo, radiation, surgeries and all the associated drugs. I just wanted to reach out to you in case you need to vent or talk with someone who understands the drill. My email address is suzez@aol.com
    Suzanne Zaccone