Thursday, July 8, 2010


Matt's cousin Brian who is a surgeon "fondled" my new port while we were in Nebraska at the McGuire Family reunion and pronounced it perfect. Tanks be ta God!

No chemo this week and I had a positive consult with Dr. Gregory on Tuesday. My numbers continue to be good.

My week was off to a great start. Wednesday my dear friend Kathy-Karen Pickard came over and helped Sophie and me unpack boxes and reorganize my glassware and serving pieces from a decorating project that has been finished for well over a month. The girl has a gift!

I knew I was feeling too good and things were going too well. Yesterday on my way out of a vet appointment with Baxter I tripped and fell literally flat on my face. My arms were full but I did manage to catch myself somewhat as evidenced by the scrapes on my palms, but for whatever reason I was unable to stop my face from crashing into the pavement. I look like I've been in a bar fight. I have a large goose egg above my right eye and an abrasion below it. The blood has pooled all around they eye and it looks like someone went crazy with the purple eye shadow.

The funny thing is earlier in the day I ran into several people who said I looked great. I've been feeling well, so much better than last summer and while I still don't really feel like me yet I'm getting there. So I was thinking yeah, it's all good.

What hubris! The Gods have put me back in my place. They showed me. Well at least it made me stop whining about how tender my port is.

I have fled to Green Lake to hide, fade and hopefully come up with a much better story to go with the black eye. I'm not sure I can blame the amyloidosis for my klutziness.

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