Thursday, August 30, 2012


I have discovered that I don't like blogging when I have nothing positive to say and unfortunately that has been the case for the last few months.

I am on dialysis. I started at the end of June. Unfortunately my fistula (Hemodialysis fistulas are surgically created communications between the native artery and vein in an extremity) did not mature properly so I had to have a permcath installed. This functions as a bridge device during fistula maturation or a long-term vascular access for hemodialysis. I am having surgery to redo the fistula in the next couple of weeks. Keep your fingers crossed this one takes. I put off dialysis for as long as possible and I feel better overall.

The amyloidosis is not in remission so I am not eligible for a kidney transplant. The best that can be said at this point is that it is being managed. I would like to be more aggressive in going after it but when we have tried that my platelets have dropped. Platelets help the blood clot. I am thinking it's time for another trip to Mayo but my dialysis schedule complicates things and I'd have to make arrangements  to have it done there. I keep thinking it would be easier if I was accessing the fistula as opposed to the permcath but I am weeks away from that.

As I mentioned, the last few months have been challenging and the summer has flown by. We take Ben to The University of Denver this weekend to start his freshman year. He seems ready and I am so proud of him but he will be sorely missed by us all.

To those of you who follow the blog and have provided meals and rides, a big thank you. It is so appreciated. I am in dialysis 3 days a weeks for 3 and a half hours and I am pretty drained afterwards. 

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