Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I was typing a letter to a dear friend who contacted me recently and I was telling him about my blog and realized once again I have not posted in ages. Usually that is because things are not going well and I can't think of anything positive to say but this time I am happy to report the opposite. But first let me make a correction from my last entry. I dated it July but I had to have written it in August as I didn't go up to Mayo until the end of July.

I have been off chemo since July 26 and in the last two weeks I have started to feel human again! The Reglan has helped with the gastrointestinal issues and my energy level is up. I am feeling less deserted by Mayo and more inclined to try some alternative treatments as opposed to racing off to Boston. I have been having blood work done weekly and my creatinine level is back below a 4.

I see Dr. Gregory tomorrow. I'm interested to know what she thinks.

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