Saturday, September 4, 2010


Things have felt a little out of control the last couple of weeks. The kids are all back in school and we've made it through all 3 curriculum nights but it's been exhausting.

This upcoming Tuesday will be the last week of session 5 and then I'm off to Mayo for the appointments I had to cancel last month. My creatinine number has remained in the low 3's.

Dr. Gregory is concerned that my recent spates of clumsiness are signs of the neuropathy that can be a side effect of the Velcade. I didn't put it together myself because it was not the way the symptoms were originally described to me. I'll mention it to Dr. Buadi when I see him but it may shorten the amount of sessions I can tolerate. In the meantime I am taking things slowly and watching my step.

More after Mayo!

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